Pennine Blending Offices Circa 1985
Pennine Textiles & Recycling

Thank you for visiting Pennine Textiles and Recycling – we hope this website will give you an insight into our company, it’s ethos and expertise in fibre blending.

The company is based in Milnsbridge, Huddersfield which in itself boasts over 700 hundred years in textile manufacturing.

Dave Hoyle is proud to lead Pennine Textiles and Recycling as it confirms its position as the leading fibre blending company in the marketplace today.

Our oldest machine, which ran day and night for over 20 years, was unfortunately destroyed (along with all our other presses) by a fire in 1998 and it was at this time that we turned a three story mill into the huge single storey shed that it remains today.

Dedicated fibre blending

Through investment, hard work and dedication Pennine Textiles & Recycling now boasts three dedicated blending systems designed to prevent cross contamination and supply ultra consistent colour blends. All systems have fully automatic bin-emptiers with two having computer controlled oiling units. We’ve recently added an atomiser oiling unit to the third system, providing greater penetration and control for the distribution of the customers chosen lubricant in their product – mainly polyester and synthetic fibres.

Each system can cater for a range of blend sizes, from trial blends of 10kgs up to 10 tonnes, dependent upon material.

Total blended fibre solutions

Pennine Textiles & Recycling offers a total customer solution for all fibre requirements, from purchasing raw materials, handling and storing materials and producing blended fibres to exact specification.

We also offer logistics for delivery to point of use, which obviously has benefits within itself. We operate on short lead times so our customers no longer need to finance large inventories of stock.

We also have the ISO 9001 accreditation for the complete quality assurance for our production.